My true holidays begin!!! xD


My holidays feeling finally back! x)

After settled down some St.John stuff..

For the past few days..

I'm so busy...and tiring @@


Went Chu Xun birthday party yesterday!

His mum cooking was..


Western style food o.o

Mushroom soup..garlic bread..pizza..pasta..pork chop..etc



Had fun together wif friends =)

Somemore party...........please?LOL


Seems like everyone starts working during holidays huh..?

I'm like so immature!?

Still staying at home ..

Or just going school for Co-curriculum activities..


I'll try my best filling my holidays with beneficial activities..

So that my precious time is not wasted >.<

Hey..my friendssss..HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Wahaha xD

..Kem Motivasi..


Just went Kem Motivasi at this Sunday..

Which is a 2 days 1 nite camp organised by school and participated by Ajk from each club/society/uniform body..

The camp was expected to be a boring camp..


It was kinda fun ehh!! XD

Camp members was divided into 8 groups..
And I was in a group called "Chopstick"..haha!

The activities on first day were abseiling and orienteering..

Abseiling is new to me..

We got to climb up a hill with the help of rope..

And down with "hanging" on a rope..LOL

Dono how to describe..

But it was so challenging and fun! x)

Besides that..we performed a silent drama at night..
The topic was "Flora and fauna"..

And I act as a policeman..

To arrest those who did something that harmful to the ecosystem..

What an enjoyable moment xD

For 2nd day..we did jungle trekking..

O_O..most of the time trekking along the river..

Damn challenging..walk against the river flow..@@

And smooth river stone =X

Made my body still wound everywhere now ><

Finally we had reached the waterfall..

And we did enjoyed very well at there xD

As a conclusion..camping with friendssss..was FUN!! ^^

***Changed my blog layout..hope u all will like it =)***

...Deepavali Holidays...


Finally the final exam was over...x)

I get back my freedom and..

Holidays! xD

Holidays for Deepavali...

I mean start from tomorrow onward until Sunday..

I'll be enjoying my trip at Thailand.. xD

But tml gotta wake up very very early in the morning...@@

Anyway..I feel the trip is actually quite suffering..
Coz I'm going by bus..LOL

Original plan is to "Hapcai" but due to the heavy flood happened over there..

The trip location was changed to somewhere call "Mi Dong"..

I dono where the hell is there..and nvr heard about it too..hahaha..x)

Heard someone said there is somewhere like Genting..
Quite cooling 1..o_O~~~

Hopefully can relax and have fun during the trip!..xD

Together with my mum,second bro and his wife..

And also release pressure occur on meeeeee recently..>.<


Lastly..someone is so sick now..=(

Hopefully she'll be well when I return to Malaysia..

Rest more and drink more water! x)
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