..Blog that have been forgoten

Hmm..first of all..
Sorry to my dearest little blog..
So long never update jor xD

As usual..my holidays isn't that free..
Meetingssss and trainingsss non-stop..@@
My mum even asked me..
"Why u seems busier than school days?"

Today..went school to take report card..
Actually it is just a piece of paper = =
Due to mum need rush to work..
Around 8am then I reached my school..
Became the first one to get my result..xD

Anyway..not much comment from Pn.Umi..
And also Pn.Thong..
All of us included my mum was so speechless..
Almost 5min then back jor..LOL

I din follow my mum coz I need to stay back..

Mum din give much comment..
Seems so neutral..
But I think she was satisfied..perhaps..
Anyway..my internet is safe..
From being potong >.<

As a information for those who didn't attend today..
I asked Pn.Thong about the distribution of classes for next year form5 students..
She said students who taking 10sub will remain at Makmur..
While those who taking 11 sub will be changed to other class..
I think is Murni..o.O~most probably..

Don worry..
Good luck to those who are changing to Murni..
Hopefully u all can get used with the new class environment..
As soon as possible..

I'm not feeling well @@...................................
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