..The last day of September Holidayss...

WOW...I only can say..

Like this then waste jor 2 weeks time...xD

Mum yesterday back from Europe jor!!


2weeks no see leh...abit miss tim.."blush"

Anyway..she seems enjoyed the trip very much..xD

Brought back quite a lot of souvenir..

But...all no wad ngam me....=_=..

All those branded purse,handbag,belt..and a nike bag..xD

But most nice de also is...


I only can say..Belgium chocolate..IMBA!!!

And some beautiful refrigerator magnet & small key chain...

During this holiday..

Quite a lot of special "things" happened..

Firstly, about the St. John geh lor...

Lazy say this le..annoying...

Stil have to plan 1 activity to satisfy the 皇太后..


Still got 1..this is damn surprising..

But sorry to tell that..cannot be announced at here ..=X

Paisehhh..! >_<

Hmmm...think dao tonite wan pack bag ...

And continue my school life..


Never touch my school bag since holidays start...hahahah!

Means that..homeworks..all also never touch.. =]

Lastly..my baby nephew macam sick-ed...= (

Today still say wan bring him so visit 三太子庙..@@

Yesterday saw him vomit lehh..

Damn pity >_<...

**Changed my blog layout..haha..I feel this theme is nice..coz..simple the best! haha..surely..need to thanks Miss Goh Jia Yeen who always helped me to manage my blog..**

**I dono why Miss Yap Xin suddenly come facebook chat me : "I want your money"..LOL**

**Jogged with Choon Fai..now leg muscle stil paining >_<**

Baiklah..marilah kita balik ke sekolah 

dengan hati yang seronok! XD



My holiday..

Isn't that free....T_T

My schedule is full with meetingss...

Thanks to someone..?

Why are u so like to kakacaucau?

Because of u..our division is getting into trouble...>,<

Ahhh..damn ANNOYING..

Other than meeting..my another mission is help to take care my mum shop..

Since she is enjoying her Europe 2weeks trip..=]

Last few days got received her sms..

Seems like the trip is quite enjoyable..?..

But she still cannot get used with western food..

Makan roti la her..wahahahaha...xP

Weather is abit cooling there..take care aa~~


Lastly..as Shien Shin wish..

Her name is appearing big big in my blog now... o_0~~~

Wish everyone has a enjoyable and relaxing holiday!!.. =]

..Merdeka Duty..

Wahaha..1 week after merdeka only free to blog..

Got abit forgot jor..XD


Tat morning..4.20am then got to gather jor..
So..3.45am then wake up le ba..x)

then run go desa de HQ..

Still blurring actually that time..@@

But damn unexpected..
Coz we realize that our "duty" are just to be audience..

At the indoor air-cond stadium..XD

Each of us get a pack ..that contain food..beverage..a cap.and a small flag..

Seems like going trip more..;P

Then..we get our seat..and waiting for performancess..hehe..

I think the first performance that began was band marching...


Their marching is accompany by music ~ perfectly neat..

Still got a lots of performance..but nothing speial?..lol

But overal is nice la ^^..

Never realize that Negaraku and other songs such as Jalur Gemilang are so nice..XD

These songs can really pull out ur "semangat patriotik" when u sing them out loudly..


Hope that Malaysia can really achieve it somedays... =]



Today bo mood...

==..not play emo la...deng...me not such person lai de...

haiz...recently like cannot mix up wif my frens..

deng...bo bian oso...who ask my interest totally different wit them?==

they like gaming...dota..wad wad wad..i don like..==

they evryday at skul discussing abt dota..i juz knowing nth..

so wad i can do is juz remain silent..=x

and then..recently..selayang mall has built a new futsal court...

they were damn happy abt tat ..but not me..=_=..

after the futsal court was built..they evry week oso goin for futsal ..

On the other hand.. my favorite sport--->badminton..

has been eliminated from their weekly sport activity..

my racquet is covering wif a thick layer of dust now..

sad case..

lolz..i ever tried to go for futsal ..

but in return it hurted my leg and caused a weird bone grow around the wound..

the weird bone is stil wit me now..

honestly..i don dare to go for futsal anymore =x

In fact, i nvr been successfully watching any single football match until the end ..

Except during the Fifa worldcup..

Non of my family member is interested abt the football culture....

lol..lol..lol..lol..lol.........so wad can i do now?

I've no idea.. but I'll looking forward to the moment I can mix up wif them AGAIN..

**simply write 1..pls forget abt those grammar mistakes while reading my article..thx..:)**
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